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Every successful business knows that social media is a crucial component of any advertising strategy, but Pinterest is often overlooked as a part of that strategy. What many bloggers and businesses don’t realize is that Pinterest is so much more than DIY home goods and wedding planning. In fact, in many niches it is an untapped market full of eager pinners ready to buy. Over 175 million people visit Pinterest each month. Let’s talk about why Pinterest is good for business and why you should tap into this unique platform.

Why Pinterest is Good for Business - Find out why a Pinterest Marketing Strategy is beneficial if you're a blogger, business or entrepeneur and where you can find Pinterest Tips and Pinterest Management Services! #JessicaPins #PinterestTips #PinterestStrategy #PinterestGrowth #PinterestMarketing

What is Pinterest?

At first glance, one would assume that Pinterest is just another social media platform. In reality, Pinterest actually aligns more closely with Google than it does Facebook. Pinterest refers to itself as a visual search engine. While there are social aspects of the platform such as the ability to follow, and comment, these are not the primary features. Pinterest accounts with a small following can still have a massive impact and comments are not a significant factor in boosting exposure.

Like Google, Pinterest uses an algorithm to determine which pins to show users. Pinners have two distinct ways of finding content. Their personal feed shows a combination of pins from accounts they follow, pins related to content they have previously engaged with and pins in their interest categories. That means that, unlike Facebook, you do not necessarily need to gain a follower to gain access to their feed.

The second way that Pinners find content is through the search feature. This is where the Pinterest platform begins to feel a bit more like Google. Utilizing keywords and mastering the art of Pinterest SEO can land your pins at the top of the search, expanding your audience and targeting those looking for your exact product or niche.

Who Uses Pinterest?

If you thought that Pinterest was only for women, you might be surprised to know that 40% of new sign ups are men. Additionally, half of all millennials use the platform with 42% of Pinterest users being under the age of 34.

Parents in the U.S. are particularly drawn to Pinterest. 3 in 4 moms and 1 in 3 dads use the platform every month. With 40% of Pinterest users earning more than 100K a year, these pinners are not only looking for ideas, they are looking to spend.

Another thing to note is that 80% of Pinners are using mobile devices to access the platform. This statistic becomes particularly important when designing pinnable images and provides insight into why vertical pins perform so well.

What are people pinning on Pinterest?

First, let’s talk about why people come to Pinterest. Pinterest is about ideas. People come to Pinterest for inspiration and solutions. While major life events such as marriage and preganancy are popular times to search on Pinterest, pinners are also looking at ideas for their every day life. Sure, Pinterest has 938 Million pins about getting married and 906 Million pins about having a baby.They also have 530 Million pins about health and fitness, 34 Million pins about laundry and a whopping 4 Billion pins about snacking.

The key takeaway here is that as long as you can provide pinners with novel ideas, inspiration that leads them to your business, or solutions to everyday problems, you can capture their attention. Pinners aren’t looking for a comprehensive list of products. They are looking for something new, something they haven’t already seen. These are the pins that stand out and ultimately drive pinners to save or click-through your content.

Why Pinterest is Good for Business

Unless you are marketing for a retirement home, your business can most likely benefit from promotion on Pinterest. Even then, you could still use

the platform to market your services to younger adults looking for options for their ageing parents! But what benefits can Pinterest provide?

Why Pinterest is Good for Business - Find out why a Pinterest Marketing Strategy is beneficial if you're a blogger, business or entrepeneur and where you can find Pinterest Tips and Pinterest Management Services! #JessicaPins #PinterestTips #PinterestStrategy #PinterestGrowth #PinterestMarketing

When you capture a pinner’s attention on Pinterest, they take one of two actions; save or click. Better yet, they may do both!

If the pinner saves your content to one of their boards, not only does that mean they plan to click on it later, it also tells Pinterest to show your pin to more pinners. The more saves (repins) your pin receives, the more it is shown in personal pinner feeds and the higher it is ranked in search results. Pins that do particularly well may even be featured by Pinterest in their trending section significantly furthering the pin’s reach.

If a pinner clicks on your content, they are routed to the link you have connected to the pin. This could take them to your website or blog or a landing page resulting in site traffic and the potential for an email sign up or a sale. Where you direct your pinners’ clicks plays a vital role in the success of your marketing efforts. Marketers must always ensure that the process after the pinner clicks is as seamless and satisfying as viewing the pin itself.

What’s the takeaway? Pinterest is good for business because it allows you to take control over your exposure.

Create quality content or products. Design beautiful pins. Add relevant keywords. If you can master these three steps, your content will flourish on Pinterest. Pinterest is capable of bringing massive traffic to your site. With the majority of pinners looking to buy, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this platform?

Ready to jump in? Let’s talk about how to start strong….


How do I get started?

In order to begin marketing your blog or business on Pinterest, you’ll need to set up a Pinterest Business account. The business account allows you use of Pinterest analytics, a valuable resource in planning your Pinterest strategy. A business account also allows you to confirm your website. Doing this includes your website or company data within the pin description and ultimately looks more professional. I cover the process of setting up your new account in detail in my post on How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account.

Before you hit the ground running, make sure to properly set up your Pinterest Profile for success. The first step is creating a profile name and description that encompasses what you can offer the Pinterest community. Keywords used in these sections are extremely effective in gaining followers and new visitors searching for your niche.

Finally, you will need to create a few boards relevant to your niche or audience. The board titles and descriptions should also include keywords to extend your reach. Make sure to save a few pins to each board as well so that your profile doesn’t look empty. You should also pay attention to the board covers you choose. These can simply be a pin from the board that you select that looks nice on your profile and represents the board topic or category. Alternatively, you can create custom board covers to further brand your profile.


Start Pinning!

Once you’re up and running, get pinning! Pin a combination of your own content and relevant content from others’. Pinterest rewards you for being active on their platform so it is recommended that you pin often and throughout the day. Many blogs and businesses have turned to scheduling software to make this process easier. If you choose to go that route, I highly recommend Tailwind. They are a Pinterest partner and a trusted platform. The exact number of pins you should aim for each day is largely debatable and depends on your Pinterest Strategy. Many experts agree that 30 pins a day is a good number to work up to with 80% of pins being your own content.

Remember, being new to Pinterest doesn’t necessarily mean you are starting at the bottom. Pinners are looking for new ideas so by bringing something new to the platform you are actually at an advantage!


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What if I don’t have time for all this?

So, you know Pinterest is good for business, but actually doing it is another story. Pinterest is time-consuming, especially when you are just starting out and less familiar with the platform. If the thought of setting up an entirely new account is overwhelming, or if you simply don’t have the time to manage another platform, you may be interested in Pinterest Management Services. Check out the different services listed on JessicaPins.com or complete the contact form below for more information.


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