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So, You’re ready to step up your Pinterest game. You already know Why Pinterest is Good for Business. You know you need a killer Pinterest Business profile, an effective strategy, eye-catching pinnable images and a monthly pinning schedule. But you also know that there’s no way you can take on all of this on your own. This is where Pinterest Management Services come into play. But which Pinterest Management Services do you really need?


Which Pinterest Management Services Do You Need? Discover the different types of Pinterest Management Services that may be beneficial if you're a blogger, business or entrepreneur and where you can find more Pinterest Tips! #JessicaPins #PinterestTips #PinterestStrategy #PinterestGrowth #PinterestMarketing


Which Pinterest Management Services Do You Need?

The Pinterest Management Services you choose will depend three main factors; How much time you have, the expertise you have at your disposal and your current level of knowledge on the Pinterest platform. Let’s talk about the different Pinterest Management Services and why each one is beneficial for your blog or business strategy.

New Account Set Up

Are you completely new to Pinterest? If you’ve never set up an account before, this service can be invaluable. Creating a Pinterest Business account requires more than simply selecting a username and password. The Pinterest Business Account Set Up Service not only provides you with your login credentials, but ensures that your profile is attractive to pinners, optimized for Pinterest search and well branded. Additionally, this service includes the creation of branded boards and a few pins in each to get them started. Pinners will be able to find your profile in relevant searches and won’t be taken to an empty, new profile. Instead they will be met with a branded and professional profile that showcases your brand personality and aesthetic. Once set up is complete, you’re ready to start pinning! That is, assuming you already have a Pinterest strategy…


Looking for a DIY guide for setting up your new account? Check out my post on How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account.


Audit and Strategy Services

Whether you are new to the Pinterest game or simply need a new strategy, the Audit and Strategy Call service will help you to plan for success on the platform. If you are a new Pinterest Business user, the Audit and Strategy Call Service will start you off on the right foot. This service provides an effective strategy to build your following, gain traffic to your site and convert leads. If you’re looking to improve upon your existing strategy, you will also receive a full audit of your current profile, pinnable images and current strategy, along with action steps to reach your business objectives. Action steps include ways to increase traffic, improve conversion rates and even increase email sign ups. Experienced Pinterest Business users can also benefit from a little clean up before implementing these new action steps. This brings us to the next available service.


Account Clean Up

The Pinterest Account Clean Up Service was created to help those who either need to revamp their site to update branding or up the level of professionalism or for those looking to convert their personal profile to a Pinterest Business account. In both cases, the service provides you with a beautifully branded and fully optimized Pinterest Business profile. Boards are cleaned up and branding is updated. If you wish to gain membership to group boards, a list of recommended group boards are provided and membership requests are sent on your behalf. Additional recommendations are provided for website integration and pinnable image designs. If you are interested in having pinnable images designed for you, there are packages offered for this as well.


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Pinnable Image Packages

For many bloggers and businesses, the most challenging part of executing their Pinterest strategy is the creation of Pinnable images. Pins that perform well on Pinterest are designed specifically for Pinterest. Unlike other social media platforms, the designs that produce results are vertical. Additionally, there are many design elements that do particularly well on the platform that a professional pin designer can implement for you. Pinterest refers to itself as a visual search engine, which means that images are king. While keyword optimization is required to get the pins seen, the attraction to a pinnable image is what leads pinners to take action.

If your business employs a designer, you may be able to design your pin images in-house. Providing that the designer is familiar with Pinterest best practices, your in house designer would likely be the simplest solution. Of course, if you have an eye for design yourself, you can create your own images using free software such as Canva. Success when creating your own pinnable images requires a knack for design and knowledge of Pinterest best practices. There are countless resources online for designing the perfect pin for those who are interested in taking the DIY approach.

If you don’t have an in house designer, nor the time or skill to create your own images, you may want to take advantage of a Pinnable Image Package. A Pinnable Image Package will provide you with beautifully branded pins that capture the attention of pinners and earn clicks and saves. There are three Pinnable Image Packages offered at JessicaPins; however, custom packages are also an option.


Monthly Management Plans

One of the biggest reasons that bloggers and businesses turn to professional Pinterest Management Services is that the platform is vastly different from the other key players in the social media realm. While you wouldn’t dare post 30 times a day on your Facebook Fan Page, Pinterest Business users who pin 30 times a day can gain a great deal of exposure without overwhelming their followers. That being said, finding the time to pin multiple images throughout the course of each day is hardly something that business owners want to add to their plate.

Sure, there are automation options like Tailwind available, which I highly recommend if you choose to manage your account on your own. Still, even when utilizing scheduling software, implementing the right pinning strategy and staying on top of the monthly management of the scheduling software can be time-consuming.

If you’re looking for someone to take the reins and propel your Pinterest Marketing results forward, a Monthly Management Plan is the perfect solution. In addition to daily pinning, packages include branded board creation, keyword research, and group board membership management. Every month, you’ll receive a full report on your Pinterest analytics and recommended steps toward desired business outcomes.


Custom Packages

If the services listed above do not include what it is that you need, custom packages are always available as well. Do you need a more comprehensive, all-inclusive package? Or perhaps you’re searching for a simplified version of a service to fit your tight budget? A custom package can fit the needs of any scale or budget.  Please send all custom package requests to Jessica@JessicaPins.com or simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.


The Takeaway

Pinterest is a unique platform. So much so that some social media managers exclude it from their services entirely. For many bloggers and businesses, taking on the task of learning the intricacies of an entirely new and different type of platform is simply too much. That being said, it is entirely possible to do it all on your own, and for free! Your success on the platform all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put toward it. If you don’t have the time do do it all, or simply want to ensure the highest quality experience for pinners by using an expert, investing in Pinterest Management Services is the way to go. You can find these services at JessicaPins.com or complete the form below for more information.




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