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So, you’ve read every post and clicked on every pin that promises better results for your Pinterest marketing efforts. You’ve considered manual pinning and using a scheduler, you’ve tried to hone in on what the best of the best are doing to find success on the platform. What’s the one thing that seems to come up in nearly every article you read? Tailwind. But you still have reservations. After all, if you fall in love with it, you’ll have to pay to keep using it, right? To put your mind at ease, I’ve put together a detailed explanation as to why Tailwind is all the rage, and why it may or may not be best for your business. Read on to discover everything you need to know about using Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing.

Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When you purchase a product or service from one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I will never endorse products that I do not feel are truly beneficial to you. 

Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

First, let’s talk about what Tailwind really is. Is it a Pinterest scheduler? Yes. But there is a lot more to it than you may realize. I’ll be honest, if all Tailwind offered was pin scheduling, I probably wouldn’t pay the membership fee to use it. Tailwind refers to itself as a Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler, Analytics & Marketing Tool. The addition of Instagram scheduling is a relatively new feature of Tailwind, but we won’t be getting into that today. Instead, let’s focus on the other three points. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler, a tool for analytics and a tool for marketing. It truly is an all in one platform for anyone looking to market their content or products on Pinterest.

Pinterest Scheduling

The primary function of Tailwind, and what it is most known for, is the scheduling feature. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins in advance, freeing up your time to focus on your blog or business. In many ways, Tailwind is superior to its competitors in regard to scheduling, particularly thanks to the following features.

The Smart Schedule

When you sign up for Tailwind, even just on the free trial, Tailwind will first analyze your Pinterest account. The smart schedule looks at what type of content you pin and when your audience is most active to determine the most effective times for you to pin. It takes all the guesswork out of it for you and creates a perfect schedule. You’ll then be able to simply add pins to the queue and they will be pinned to Pinterest at the optimal times. Even if you try out Tailwind and decide not to continue on to a paid plan, you will still be able to access these times. You can actually still schedule your pins in these time slots as well, they just won’t automatically publish to Pinterest unless you have a paid plan. You’ll have to manually hit the publish button at the right times.

Interval Pinning

Let’s say you have a pin you want to save to 10 different boards. We’ve all seen those Pinterest accounts where they have pinned the exact same pin 20 times in a row. Their “latest pins” section looks spammy and unprofessional. With the interval feature on Tailwind, you can select the boards you want to share your pins to and how spread out you would like them to be. If you pin 30 pins to 10 different boards with an interval of one day, you’ll have 300 pins scheduled, all evenly spread out across your profile.

Board Lists

Speaking of pinning to multiple boards, the board list feature on Tailwind is an absolute lifesaver. If you have 10 boards all related to one specific topic, you can group them together and select them all at once when scheduling a pin that is relevant to all of those boards. It makes the scheduling process significantly faster.

Batch Scheduling

Let’s say you’ve scheduled all of your own pins for the week, and you’re ready to add in some curated content. It’s important to share the content of others to your profile to provide your audience with valuable resources and support your peers. But taking the time to find the right content and schedule them each independently takes time. With the Tailwind browser extension, the amount of time saved is phenomenal. Personally, I like to share a lot of content from my own group boards. I’ve only added well-vetted pinners to these boards, so I know their content is high-quality and in line with my niche.

Using the Tailwind browser extension, I can simply go into my group board and click the Tailwind icon in my browser. I am then presented with a selection of the pins on the page where I can pick the ones I want to schedule, add the boards I want to pin them to, and add them to my queue. I can have a dozen pins scheduled in my queue in less than a minute!

What about live pinning?

A very popular tactic for Pinterest growth is live pinning. This is essentially the concept of pinning directly to Pinterest, from the source, rather than using a scheduler. The theory is that Pinterest rewards those who are active on the platform and your pins will be favored in the feed. I’m thrilled to share that Pinterest recently announced that, in regard to the Pinterest algorithm, there is no benefit to live pinning over using a scheduler.

My take on this, is that live pinning can be beneficial for some. Some pinners use a scheduler so they can mentally check out of Pinterest. They just schedule whatever they need to in order to fill up their queue and get on with their day. When you’re live pinning, you tend to be more involved in your decisions. You may be more likely to actually read the content before you share it. You may be more aware of trends and which pinners are posting the best content. If you’re doing this whole Pinterest Marketing thing right, you should be doing this anyway, regardless of whether you are live pinning or using a scheduler.

If you feel like using a scheduler creates a disconnect from the actual platform for you, then by all means, pin live! Personally, I like to login to Pinterest once a day (most days) to quickly view my notifications and look through the feed, even though I already have my pins scheduled out for the week on Tailwind.



Aside from the scheduling aspect of Tailwind, their analytics are second to none. With your free Pinterest Business account, you have access to Pinterest analytics, but they can be a bit hard to interpret if you don’t know what you’re looking for. While Pinterest continues to improve upon this feature, Tailwind has a great insights feature that tells you everything you need to know to make your next Pinterest Marketing decision.

Profile Performance

This section of Tailwind Insights allows you to see how your profile is performing and growing. It includes your follower growth, which is an area that Pinterest Analytics is lacking. While followers are not the most important indicator of Pinterest marketing success, it is still something you want to be aware of. Additionally, this section shows you number of pins and repins over time and the percentage of growth.

One of my favorite features of the Profile Performance Insights is the fact that Tailwind tells you about your virality and engagement. Virality is defined by how much your pins are being repinned across your profile and engagement is defined by your audience’s engagement with your pins (clicks and saves). They even provide an engagement rate, which is based on how many of your pins have at least one repin.

The biggest focus here is on the actual engagement and activity on your profile, rather than simply the reach of your pin. As I am constantly preaching on JessicaPins, exposing your pin to thousands of pinners means nothing if they don’t engage with it.

Board Insights

While Pinterest Analytics does provide some insight on your board performance. Tailwind gets into the nitty-gritty of each board. In the Board Insights section, you can view each board’s number of pins, followers and repins as well as a virality and engagement score for each. This allows you to determine which boards you may want to focus on and which boards may need to be retired. Additionally, it allows you to gain insight on group boards that you do not own. If one of the group boards you belong to is producing very little engagement, it may not be beneficial to your growth.

Pin Inspector

Want to know exactly which pins are performing best? The Pin Inspector is one of the most highly regarded features of Tailwind. Here you can see exactly which pins are propelling your growth, filter and sort them in any way you like, and even repin them directly from the list!

Website Insights

Sure, it’s great to see how well your pins are performing, but what good is it if your blog or business isn’t seeing growth as well? With Website Insights, you can see how many pins are being pinned from your site, by how many pinners, view the latest pins pinned from your site, and even view your Pinterest referral traffic details.



One of the most appealing things about Pinterest is the fact that you can bring substaintial traffic to your site for free. If you want to take that up another notch, Tailwind tribes is a fantastic way to do just that! Tailwind tribes are free, even if you decide not to continue on to a paid plan after your trial, and offer some serious potential for growth. Everyone starts with the ability to join up to 5 tribes and make 30 content submissions each month for free!

Like group boards, Tailwind tribes are a way to share your content with others in your niche and help each other grow by sharing each other’s content. But there are some very distinct differences that make tribes a more effective way to extend your reach.

Tailwind Tribes vs. Group Boards

One very important thing to note is that Tailwind tribe members are able to benefit from those awesome Tailwind analytics. When searching for new tribes, you can see the number of members, the tribe activity level, and even preview the tribe. Once you have joined, you can easily see your own pin stats as well. This shows you how many reshares you have received from other tribe members, how many repins resulted from those reshares, and your pin’s potential reach on Pinterest. This allows you to determine how effective the tribe is for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

The greatest challenge for group board owners on Pinterest is managing the members and the content to ensure equal participation. Tailwind tribes have simplified this process. Tribe owners can quickly see statistics on the ratio of which members are sharing their own content vs. re-sharing the content submitted by others. This holds members accountable and makes it easy for tribe owners to remove members who are not following the rules. Additionally, as a member, you’ll also be able to see you own ratio so you can make sure that you’re upholding your end of the bargain.

While 30 submissions a month may not sound like much, it’s surprising how effective even just a few submissions can be in the right tribe. Typically, members of Tailwind tribes are members for two reasons.

1. They want to extend the reach of their own content, and

2. They are looking for high-quality content to share on their own profile.

These aren’t your average pinners. These are the pinners who want to share great content, even if it isn’t their own, and are looking to their tribe to provide it.


So, should you get Tailwind?

Just like so many other Pinterest Marketers out there, I love Tailwind. I would be lying if I didn’t say I think you should get it, right now, without hesitation. But, I also understand why you may be weary. When I first started out as a blogger, I was too. I didn’t want to invest any more money than I had to. “Why would I pay for something I could technically do myself?” I thought.

So here’s my recommendation, from one entrepreneur to another. Try it. At the very least, you’ll gain valuable insight on your analytics, the best times of day to pin, and which boards are performing best. If you decide not to pay for a monthly or annual membership, you’ll still be able to take advantage of tribes, and could even use it as a planning tool by filling up your queue and manually telling Tailwind to pin at the designated time.

So, give it a shot, and let me know what you think! Do YOU think Tailwind is worth it?


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Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a Stay at Home Mompreneur. The success I had with my mom blog through the use of Pinterest led me to a career in Pinterest Management where I help other bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs grow their business with Pinterest.

Tailwind for Pinterest Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

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