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As part of the JessicaPins blog, I’ve decided to start featuring my clients! I am always so excited when a client gets great results and I want to share that excitement with all of you. This month, I’d like to feature a client who has become a good friend of mine, and recently doubled her monthly Pinterest views, Melissa Egan.

How to double your Pinterest Views

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How to Double Your Pinterest Views: A Pinterest Case Study

About the Momialist

Melissa is a teacher and a part-time mom blogger. She writes about motherhood and minimalism on her blog, The Momialist. Just like many bloggers out there, blogging is her side hustle. She knew that Pinterest could potentially be a great source of site traffic for her but didn’t know where to start, and didn’t have the time to invest.

Where We Started

When I started managing Melissa’s account she was truly in the “Pinterest Novice” stage. She was still using her personal account, had a handful of followers, and she wasn’t really using Pinterest to promote her blog yet. While it can definitely be a challenge to start from scratch, it’s also exciting to start things off right!

So we hopped on a strategy call and came up with a plan! Here were our first steps…

  1. Converted her to a business account.
  2. Created boards centered around her core focus: motherhood and minimalism.
  3. Added some branding to her account through group board covers and a consistent pinnable image template.
  4. Optimized her name, bio, board titles & board descriptions with keywords for Pinterest SEO.
  5. Created pinnable images for each blog post with keyword rich pin descriptions (and hashtags!)
  6. Started pinning 30 times a day

Initial Results

Melissa and I started working together in April of this year (2018) and it took a week or so it get these first steps up and running. Because Melissa did not yet have a business account when we started, her analytics started at zero. So, of course we saw an increase over the month of April, but it was not an accurate reflection of her account growth.

In May, we started to see the benefits of our efforts. By the end of the month, Melissa’s account was approaching 100K average monthly Pinterest views! But there was a problem…

Melissa’s account was getting stagnant. She actually reached close to 100K monthly Pinterest views about half way through the month and then stopped growing! While this very well could have been a normal fluctuation due to a variety of factors (Pinterest updates, seasonal traffic changes, etc.), the goal is always to keep growing. So, we decided to step it up and get past that plateau!


What We Did to Step It Up

Pinterest has thrown us some curveballs lately with all of their recent changes, but armed with the knowledge that they have shared we applied some new methods. AND IT WORKED!

What did we do? We created “fresh” pins.

Pinterest has shared that they favor fresh pins over repins. In a recent interview, Pinterest explained that a fresh pin doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to brand new content, nor does it need to be a brand new image. Simply writing a fresh new pin description with different keywords and/or hashtags can turn an old pin “fresh” again! Additionally, content that is “fresh” is pinned directly from the source, not repinned from another board.

So, we applied these tactics. Because Melissa was not able to produce any new blog posts with her busy schedule, we needed to make her old pins fresh again. We manually uploaded pins and linked them to her site, crafted new pin descriptions for each of them, and started pinning.

The Result

After implementing our new strategies, we looked at our analytics for the month of June and found that Melissa’s average monthly Pinterest views had more than DOUBLED! In fact, by the end of June, she was up to 244K average monthly Pinterest views. That’s over 150% increase from the end of May.

In addition to this increase in views, Melissa’s account continues to see growth across the board. Her engagement and profile views continue to gain traction and her followers have more than doubled since April as well!

Now that school is out for the summer, Melissa plans to create more content which will provide even more opportunities for fresh pins. We can’t wait to see how this affects her account!


What We Didn’t Do

When it comes to Pinterest Marketing, sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. Let’s talk a bit about some strategies that we did not use for the Momialist Pinterest account.

Group Boards

Believe it or not, Melissa doesn’t belong to ANY group boards. That’s right, she doubled her numbers without obsessively pinning to group boards day in and day out. While joining a couple of group boards is on the list for the future, it wasn’t a priority. The reason for this is that group boards often have relatively low engagement. When it comes to joining them, it’s really only worth it if the board has high engagement and fits well within your niche. Because group boards weren’t a top priority for our strategy, we didn’t focus on them initially and we clearly didn’t need to.

Target a Wider Audience

We didn’t try to please everyone. Melissa only has 11 boards, and they are all niche specific. She’s not trying to cater to everyone simply to get views. While monthly Pinterest views are a great way to see the popularity of your pins, the most important thing is that your audience actually cares about what you’re pinning. Catering to your specific audience is far more effective when it comes to engagement, which will further increase growth.

Follower Gaining Tactics

Followers are different on Pinterest than on other social media platforms. Someone doesn’t have to follow you to see your content. Sure, followers will see your pins first, and more often, but with strong SEO and high engagement, your pins will appear in Pinterest feeds regardless of whether or not someone follows you.

It is for this reason that we didn’t make gaining followers a top priority. By implementing the other strategy points covered in this post, Melissa’s account still doubled in followers anyway!

Most importantly, we didn’t participant in follow-for-follow threads on Facebook and we most certainly did not implement the follow-unfollow method. These methods are not effective ways to gain genuine followers that will want to engage with your content. As I always tell my clients, gaining Pinterest followers should not be the focus, but should instead be a byproduct of implementing a good strategy overall.



Planning For the Future

While the growth Melissa has already experienced is thrilling, we still have a lot of work to do. Let’s take a look at what’s on the list for the months ahead.

Create Content

In order to continue growing, Melissa needs more content! Luckily, the fact that she already has a well-defined audience on Pinterest will make this process easier. In addition to researching popular topics on the Pinterest platform, Melissa can actually look at her audience insights to discover what their interests are and use Pinterest as a way to plan future content.

Email Marketing

As Melissa continues to build up her blog content, another objective of hers is to build her email list. We’ll be adding this objective to the updated strategy and focusing some of our Pinterest efforts on driving pinners to her sign up page. With an opt-in freebie in the works, we plan to create pinnable images specifically for the offer and link to her landing page, as well as implement some other great email list marketing tactics on the platform.

Group Boards

While group boards were not on the top of the list initially, now is the time to start utilizing them. We will need to select highly engaging, niche specific boards for Melissa to join, and look for new contributors to potentially join group boards we create on Melissa’s account.

Be Consistent

Now is not the time to take a break. With great growth comes great responsibility! To keep up the momentum, we will need to continue pinning as often, and consistently as we have been. I use Tailwind to manage all of my client’s accounts and I don’t know what I would do without it! If I need a day (or even a week) off, I can still queue up Melissa’s pins to ensure that her pinning schedule remains consistent and on brand.



As exciting as these numbers may be, I can’t complete this post without clarifying one big misconception on Pinterest. So many bloggers and businesses will do whatever it takes to see those monthly Pinterest views go up. But the truth is, that number means very little if your audience isn’t engaged. With Melissa’s account, we focused strictly on reaching her target audience. Fortunately, this meant that her views increased dramatically. If your target audience is smaller, or harder to reach, don’t be discouraged by lower monthly Pinterest views. Instead, look to see how engaged the audience you do have is with your content. Always remember, a small, engaged audience can do far more for your business than a large group of disinterested pinners.


Have you experienced massive growth on Pinterest? Tell me your success story in the comments below!


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How to Double Your Pinterest Views: A Pinterest Case Study

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