Are you in search of some stunning tattoos to get, if yes? Then you are in the right place. All the latest, trending and best-looking tattoos will be mentioned here. We have collected a large number of stunning tattoos which women can get, they look feminine and tough. The art of drawing tattoos is complex we have a wide variety of tattoos ranging from complex to simple looking. A large number of individuals choose to get tattooed on their forearms, arms, shoulders, back and even their fingers.

A major reason for getting a tattoo lies behind the reason to express to show affection or love towards someone or something and most importantly as a sign of rebellion. Read more and find out stunning tattoos and show the rebellious girl inside you.

Queen of spades

It is undoubtedly a stunning tattoo one can get. The queen is very important in the card game. Furthermore, it depicts high self-esteem. As a woman, you deserved to be treated like a queen. Therefore this artwork of queen of spades stands tall.

You can get it in any size you want small, large etc. You can also get it between your fingers. It symbolises and depicts your strong-willed personality.

Words of wisdom

We all are exposed to wise and sane thoughts in the shape of lyrics, quotations. There is always one sane quotation, emotionally appealing lyrics from a song or a word which hits differently. They appeal to your feelings and make you think such words have a life-changing impact. You can get such quotations tattooed on your body. It can even be a single word like ‘warrior’ if you are a soul never willing to give up. You can get them tattooed on your forearms, back or even on your collar-bone. These designs can be done in different aesthetic fonts as well.

Artwork with some tradition

The artwork of dream-catcher has remained very popular among girls because it is a very stunning tattoo. It has a history behind it and traditional references from the American culture can be spotted as well. The dream-catcher was used by woman of American-Indian tribes. Its sole purpose was to prevent their children from having any nightmares. Now the question remains where to get it? Get it on your shoulder blade you are available with adequate space there. We have another idea, ‘sun and the moon’ they are heavenly creations and can show off your spiritual attachment. They all look strikingly attractive and enchanting.


The art of making flowers on canvas is old-school, now people get flowers drawn on their body. Flowers are very popular among girls it looks feminine and shows the rebellious girl inside them. It is undoubtedly a stunning tattoo for girls. Moreover, flowers have metaphorical and symbolic significance. Let’s take an example the flower ‘rose’ is a sign for expression of love and affection, broadly speaking romance. You are at liberty to get a small flower or a large one covering your entire forearm, both of them look perfect and attractive. There is another option of ‘lotus’ it symbolic representation of divinity and purity, freshly blooming flowers express the growth of your soul.