Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Then you are at the perfect place as we will discuss every aspect forearms tattoos ideas in detail. Forearms are the place to get tattooed. As the ink or the tattoo will easily be visible, just wear a half sleeves shirt or roll up your sleeves, in case you’re looking to show it off. Therefore a large number of individuals are inclined to getting their forearms inked. There are a lot of forearms tattoos ideas out there, from complex and detailed to simple and aesthetic looking artwork. If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time then forearms are the least hurting body part. Read more for cool forearms tattoos ideas.

Sleeve type of tattoo on forearms

A sleeve tattoo on the forearm also known as the half sleeve tattoo is a popular choice for artwork. A large number of individuals are attracted to this variation. No matter what you are getting on your forearm it will grab attention. In this variation, your forearm is completely inked. You are at liberty to get a single design or combine different individual tattoos and get them connected.

Inner and Outer forearms tattoo

Another cool forearms tattoos idea is to get your internal forearm inked. Get a small tattoo on your inner forearm it is delicate and aesthetic to look at. Moreover, it looks equally rough and tough as any other variation of the tattoo. In terms of pain inking of your inner forearms hurts lesser. Getting your external forearm tattooed is least painful which makes it popular among individuals. It is an ideal place to get a tattoo as you can show it off anytime you like to fold the sleeves of your shirt or wear a half sleeves shirt. Usually, snakes, dragons and similar patterns are preferred on the exterior as they are thin and long therefore the artwork and forearm supplements each other.

Rose tattoo on Forearms

They are classic and metaphorical. Rose represents your aesthetic choices and the complexity of emotions. It also has a historical perspective sailor would get rose on their forearms as a symbol of happiness awaiting them at home. Meanwhile, the thorns representing hardships this tattoo is more than just artwork.

Cross tattoo style on forearms

The cross is associated with Christianity and without a doubt it represents your affection towards spiritualism. Individuals get this tattoo as a representation of affinity towards their religion and God.

Name and symbol style tattoo on forearm

This forearms tattoos idea is very simple and not very prominent because of its smaller size. One can similar individuals tattoos and get them connected. You can get the name of your loved one tattooed on your forearm as a representation of your love and affection. Tattoo of a national flag or any kind of symbol that shows your priority or love towards something on forearms is common among individuals having served the Army, Air force or Navy. It is a representation of patriotism and affection towards one’s country.

Lion tattoo

The lion is a symbolic representation of bravery, confidence, heroism and gallantry. If you have all those traits and want everyone to know get this tattoo. About astrology, a lion represents the zodiac sign, Leo. Individuals with Leo as their zodiac signs should get this tattoo.


If you want to get a phrase or a quotation then forearms are the best place. There is adequate space on your forearms you can get your favourite verse from a song, quotation or words of wisdom on your forearm.